The Ethical Code

The overriding philosophy for all ADR's shall be that any action taken will be in the client's best interest and result in no harm coming to the client. ADR's shall hold the client in the highest regard, with the client's welfare the sole object of the ADR ’s efforts. As an ADR I agree that:

1. I will comply with the Rules of Conduct and Standards of Responsibility for Representatives (Rules of Conduct) found at 20 C.F.R. 404.1740 and 416.1540. These Rules of Conduct specify both affirmative obligations and prohibited conduct.

2. I will, whenever applicable, abide by the ethical standards of the State Bar in those States in which I practice as it pertains to direct client interaction;

3. I will abide by the standards of the Federal Privacy Act (Privacy Act - 5 USC Sec. 552a). Privacy shall be maintained at all times unless there exists potential death or bodily harm to the client.

4. I will be forthright and informative with my clientele and the public.

5. I shall make neither promises nor state outcomes which cannot be guaranteed. If, in the course of business, I recognize that an error has been made, I shall notify the client and the responsible Administration official and attempt to repair the error.

6. I will abide by the Regulations of the SSA. If I am a supervisor of other representatives, I will always encourage them to seek the highest degree of professionalism and ethical considerations.

7. I will not knowingly engage in any activity which will negatively impact the duration of the claimant's claim for disability benefits.

8. I will conduct myself in a professional and courteous manner with State Agency and SSA staff in the course of written and verbal communication.

9. I will attempt to familiarize myself with various community support services of which clients may avail themselves.

10. In all circumstances, I will attempt to provide the highest standards of conduct for the profession, ever mindful of the impact of my work upon the lives of persons with impairments and disabilities, while striving to maintain the dignity and rights of those clients.