About Us

John J. Ingram & Associates has been in business for 20 years representing Social Security Disability Claimants. We are an organization whose mission is to help our claimants obtain Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), which may include Medicaid and/or Medicare health benefits. The effort of obtaining benefits from the Social Security Administration is often a lengthy, cumbersome and unpredictable process that requires patience and knowledge of the system.

The combined personnel possess over 40 years of corporate management experience with a high-level, well-trained advocacy expertise in the social security rules, regulations, medicine, and social services.
Fluent in English and Spanish, we represent claimants throughout the Southwest. Our advocates have been certified by the Social Security Administration to receive direct payment and we have created a system of advocacy that integrates program expertise and capable representation.
The main office is located in Midland, Texas with offices located throughout Texas such as Odessa, Laredo, San Antonio, Harlingen and Uvalde. We have representatives who work the entire Rio Grande Valley, Falfurrias, Hebbronville, Del Rio, Eagle Pass, Carrizo Springs, Zapata, and Cotulla. All of New Mexico and throughout The United states.
Our mission embraces the goal of fair and equal representation for all claimants with the highest degree of professionalism.

Disabled? Need Help? Call 1-800-299-6809 now for a free social security consultation.